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California School Fiscal Services

provides high quality, personable fiscal support to California districts and charter schools.

Welcome to California School Fiscal Services! CSFS works diligently to support K-12 education through fiscal/back office support and training. We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent relationships with all of our clients and working tirelessly to strengthen your school's fiscal solvency. We do more than just provide business services. We work closely with our clients to build their own understanding and capacity resulting in school districts and charter schools with strong fiscal positions.

Industry Best Practices

California school finance is complex and ever-changing. As such, it is critical that business office practices are current and follow industry best practices.

California School Fiscal Services is committed to providing cutting edge, ethical business services to its clients that are in perfect alignment with best practices as outlined by the Fiscal Crisis Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) and School Services of California(SSC).

Transparency is Paramount

There is nothing more frustrating than attending a board meeting to learn about the school budget and walking away more confused than when you first arrived.

School principals, charter directors, and other site leaders should know exactly where they "stand" from a budget to actual perspective at all times. Confusing financial reports and a lack of clear communication regarding your financial picture is

exasperating and counter-productive. How can a school operate if they don't have real-time financial information that is crystal clear and available to them?

California School Fiscal Services believes that fiscal reports and presentations should be easy to understand so that board members, parents, and the community can make clear and informed fiscal decisions.

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